Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday is the Day - Who knows When it will End

Happy Weekend my friends :)

Yes, you may be wondering why there is a picture of Phil and I, with a big, plastic cow with a random sign that I have no idea of what it means. Who knows why we posed with it I don't know how many weeks ago but it has just reminded me how special your life is, it has reminded me about adventure, and positive contigency.

Avoiding monotinousness, peoples ideals, what you "should" be doing with your life and not what you would "love" to do with it. Yes, it sounds cliched and me saying that now, sounds even more but it's really how you use whats just been said. At the end of the day, sand will sink just the same as stones, so apreciate. When you are inhaling your last breath of your life and you think about your achievments - school books, work asignments, fights with people you don't even know, and your univercity degree won't matter anymore, but everything in between.

So don't keep waiting for things to happen, make them. Some words of wisdom, haha. At the end of the day, your life can be taken away at any given moment, and you won't even know.. You only really realise this when it happens to someone you know.

So anyways, off that topic, I'm having a slumber party tonight with my darling sister, Cleo, and my dearest bff, Courts.. :) Keep it crazy. Mowgli. x

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