Monday, November 22, 2010

The Story Behind the Shoe

Did a bit of Summer Clean the other day.. yes, studying does make you slightly crazy or should I say crazier. Threw out tons of clothes and shoes I don't wear, bits of shit lying around my room, etc. There was so much dust from our renovations, I actually dusted and vacuumed my room! Round of aplause please :) Anyways so here are afew of my high shoes (heels, wedges, platforms, etc) And the story behind them..ish.

So these are my black, slightly metalic lace up wedges I bought in Greece in the June/July holidays from Tally Weijl. They were chilling in the shop, and wasn't to sure if I liked them, however my mom was fitting something on so I tried them on out of boredom and what do you know, I fell inlove. I named them Cocos.

Then there my Lolitas. These are my pride and joy, so comfortable and also pretty versatile. They are from Oysho in Greece aswel, they are nice day shoes but can also be worn at night.

I bought these about 3 years ago from Zoom. Black suede ankle boots. Although I have had them for quite a sufficient period of time they are my soft spot. Meet my Isabelinis.

These are from Tally Weijl in Greece, and surprisingly never been worn, besides prancing around my room admiring them. They are my boho meets class, somewhat chunky heels, my Poccos.

I used to be obsessed with these heels, haha. Back in the day of black strappy shoes. They still are pretty decent, from a random sports shop, don't even ask.. The brand is Bronx. My Dolces.

My greyish peep toe wedges from Zoom aswel. Was admiring them for ages and then when they went on sale I bought them haha. My rochas.

These are white, strappy, chunky, frontly platformed, heels. Quite a mouth full :) With a white dress, perfect tan and bronzed skin, they look great - the Godessy look. They are my Sophias.

These cream wedges are from Luella, bought 4 years ago and still wear them!! Now thats a classic find. They look gorgous on and remind me of Marylin Monroe slightly.. hence my Monroes ;)

These are my babies.. comfortable as hell, and stunning on. They`are from H&M in Greece, I bought them last year. They are wedges, with a pink lining which compliments the colour. They are my Anglinas.

Anywyas these are just a few of my shoes I chose just to give you an idea about my shoes.. As you can see I do name them. Yes, I am a shoe whisperer, so I've been told. Haha, it's my obsession. 2 Exams left, end on wednesday, then Casablanca for my sisters birthday and thursday I have a secret surprise for you.. mmm don't even guess ;) Ciao Ax

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